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Real fruit smoothies

Strawnana Smoothie

Strawberries, Bananas, Non Fat Milk (milk), Turbinado


24 oz    |    370 CAL

Elvis PBJ Smoothie

Bananas, Peanut Butter, (peanuts), Non Fat Milk (milk), Protein Blend (milk, egg).


24 oz    |    620 CAL   |   24g Protein

Pineapple Bum Smoothie

Pineapple, Strawberries, Mango Apple Juice, Non Fat Milk (milk), Turbinado.


24 oz    |    450 CAL

Surfhicks cannot guarantee that any of our hand-crafted beverages or unpackaged food items are allergen-free because we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them. Some beverage ingredients may be produced in an environment where allergens are present.

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